Concrete Wok Planter

Concrete planter 36" diameter
Concrete Planter

f Natural Gray Wok Shaped Planter

Add a modern and sleek touch to your outdoor space with our wok shaped concrete planter box. Fill with your favorite flowers or add a touch of color with polished stones. Our concrete wok planters are a statement piece and have all kinds of uses.

Made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete so you won’t have to worry about the concrete cracking under heat or pressure. Each concrete wok is handmade in our Spokane, Washington workshop.

The Wok Planter compliments any backyard garden and will hold up in all weather conditions as it comes fully sealed.

Contact our shop today for a range of color options and get ready to give your favorite plants or flowers a new modern home!


Concrete Planter

Fill this Planter with your favorite flowers


Price: $549.00
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